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Environment Automation on Demand

Things You Should Know About Automation of Testing Environment

environment automationEnvironment provisioning is one of the most indispensable parts of DevOps or delivery process. The development of an application environment is equally important as building, testing and deploying application code. It is very difficult to handle the complex dependencies associated with the process with existing IT infrastructure and the necessity of manual process often felt.

An organization can gain significant benefits by working with proficient management of the environment influenced by the advanced automation system. Such environments can also help a business to save operational costs.

Now the question is that is the necessity of an automated testing environment gaining the same importance as application deployment? Is it possible for DevOps to develop an environment to meet the challenges of application development? Does the process of application deployment build with environment configuration and modeling?

A company needs various components to provide different IT services like application or software development, and here the term infrastructure defines those components a company needs to deliver products efficiently. We have gained expertise in managing servers, operating applications and other services that work within the cloud or remote data centers for example.

In order to support large applications, we may need to work on large installations. We still execute some delicate tasks like the deployment of applications, provisioning environments and infrastructure maintenance by hand. However, we can save both our time and effort by installing a machine designed to execute all such tasks.

Test Environment Automation

Although applications are often provisioned with templates or other components, the provision of infrastructure is made manually. In DevOps methodology, an automated environment for testing can reduce the cycle of time for testing and delivering applications. We can prepare our workforce to get on-demand environments for effective business operations.

Adapting an automated testing environment can help you to learn about various details regarding the environment, and automation will utilize all the details for building the environment. The company can use the information for a longer span and automation can use the details to create new environments. If the demand of application is high, a company can automate the process to scale down the environment and reduce the operational costs.

Benefits of Having Automated Testing Environment

• 50% reduction in the manual effort
• Requires more than 30% less time to market
• More than 30% reduction in operational costs
• Elimination of human errors
• Getting the environment as a service model for the company

The adaptation of automated test environment can deliver substantial benefits along with significant opportunities to save time and costs.


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