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With our DevSecOps services, we strive to integrate security in your DevOps process in order to strengthen and safeguard the various phases of the application lifecycle for better security, stability and performance.


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DevSecOps is an important aspect of the digital transformation process. It lends the whole lifecycle the security and safety it needs in order to function properly and flawlessly. In DevSecOps, security is integrated at every step and phase of the lifecycle, instead of being a separate process at the end. Since DevOps focuses on agile production and deployment, security has to be implemented in a way that doesn’t deter or slow down the process.

Why should you choose us for your DevSecOps services?

We work with you to understand the condition and situation of your business, and then come up with DevSecOps solutions to help safeguard your software lifecycle for enhanced performance and quality.


Why DevSecOps

DevSecOps is short for Development, Security and Operations. The concept of DevSecOps is to inculcate the idea that everyone is accountable and responsible for the security of the software lifecycle. The reason why DevSecOps is implemented is to enable everyone to make security decisions with the same promptness, and on the same scale as development decisions and operational decisions.

DevSecOps aims to put security at the same level as development and operations.

Key principles of DevSecOps

If you are looking to implement DevSecOps in your organization, there are some key principles that you should follow and adhere to. These include:

  • Deploy small-scale releases with frequency using agile methods
  • Utilize automated testing
  • Empower developers to bring security changes and make decisions

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Few of the benefits of implementing DevSecOp are

  • A standardized release process and automating on the platform
  • The team starts measuring against metrics
  • Bringing in stronger Agile practice at all levels of the team
  • Intelligent Automation

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Misconceptions of DevSecOps

There are some misconceptions about DevSecOps that can drive away potential clients from implementing it. It is important to debunk these misconceptions so that implementing DevSecOps can be promoted and encouraged.

1.      DevSecOps is a purchasable commodity

This is a misconception and an illusion that needs to be shattered. DevSecOps doesn’t come packed in a box for all and sundry to buy. DevSecOps is about implementing change, and cultivating responsibility in the team members.

2.      DevSecOps is about focusing on speed only

This is another misconception that has to be addressed. While DevSecOps operates on the primary concept of increasing the production speed, automation also helps in improving quality and standards.

3.      Implementing DevSecOps means relinquishing control

This misconception can scare away organizations from adopting DevSecOps. You are not giving up control, rather you are putting instructions in a code so that they can be repeatedly executed. Automation helps you with your administrative power.

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DevOps Enabler has strategic alliances and is a member with some of the leading entities in the industry and tech service providers such as Microsoft Gold Partnership, GitLab, and Red Hat. Utilizing these alliances, we strive to provide the best solutions to our clients for their digital transformation.

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