DevOps Staffing Services.

With our DevOps Staffing Services, you can hire the best engineers and experts for your organization. With expert help, you can easily navigate through the DevOps transformation journey, and optimize your software delivery and quality.


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DevOps Staffing Services

Hiring our expertly trained internal resources


The first step of our internal hiring process is the ‘New Client Requirement’ phase. Our client gives us a requirement which is evaluated and studied by our HR and Tech department.


We check in our Internal Resource Database in order to determine whether or not there are any professionals available.


If the database shows that some professional(s) are available, then the next step will be followed. If not, then we help our clients with the external hiring process instead. The next step involves scheduling an interview with the internal tech-team to determine whether the resources have the skills and abilities required by the client.


If the selected candidate(s) is approved by the tech team, the next step is to set-up an interview with the client


Once the client gives their approval, we deploy the resource to the client, where they will work proficiently and expertly

Having the right human resources in your company is essential. With an expert and professional staff, you will be able to tackle technological challenges and overcome barriers. Having experts is even more important when you want to revamp your business by implementing DevOps. When you hire experts for DevOps, you can keep focusing on the prime objective of your business while entrusting the digital transformation to the specific professionals.

Here at DevOps Enabler, we provide you DevOps Staffing Services so that you can increase your workforce in order to properly manage your DevOps transformation. Whether you are a small start-up or a large organization, we can help you with small and large-scale solutions.

We provide you with professionals and experts who have the required skills and acumen for DevOps transformations and Cloud migrations.

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Our External Hiring Process

A brief account of our external hiring process is produced hereunder. From the total 100% candidates that make their way to the process, only 2% manage to get to the final client interview.


Language and Personality

In this step, we conduct an analysis on the candidates for the purpose of determining their level of proficiency with the English language as well as their communication skills.


Basic Skill Review

This step of the screening process involves posing questions to the candidates in order to ascertain their level of understanding about the skills required by the client..


Indepth Skill Review

In this phase, we put the candidates through a series of assessments in order to determine their technical know-how and their problem-solving capabilities. Only the candidates with outstanding knowledge and acumen are selected at this step.


Proctored Online Exam

Thereafter, the candidates are made to sit in a proctored online exam to further make sure that they possess the required skills and understanding as stated by the client.


Continued Excellence

We motivate our candidates to acquire new abilities and techniques so that the client can take benefit from their constantly improving skill sets.

DevOps Staffing Process




When you work with us, we do not only aim to provide you with a systematic and mechanical consultancy session. We aspire to help you procure the best resources for your DevOps transformation and Cloud enablement needs


Our provided resources are skilled and proficient, and they excel at the tasks for which they have been procured. These professionals will enable you to attend to your business without worrying about system crashes and failures.

Statutory Compliances

When providing you with our Staffing services, we comply with Labour and Corporate Laws as well as internal compliances. The result of our strict adherence is a 98% renewal rate from our clients on a year-on-year basis along with 100% results in audits.

Background Verified Resources

Our provided resources are procured after background checks and verification. We provide you with authentic and bona fide resources who you can trust and rely on.

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Strategic Alliances

DevOps Enabler has strategic alliances with some of the leading entities in the industry and tech service providers such as Microsoft Gold Partnership, GitLab, and Red Hat. Utilizing these alliances, we strive to provide the best solutions to our clients for their digital transformation.


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